Takeaway Menu

Soup Of The Day £3.50


Meal of the day with rice £6.75

L.E Brunch £8.20

Hoummos S V £4.75
Puree of chickpeas with sesame oil and lemon

Mousakaat Batenjan V £4.75
Baked seasoned aubergine cooked
with tomato garlic, onion and chickpeas

Labneh D £4.50
White cream cheese made from curdled milk,
garlic and thyme optional

Moutabbal S V £5.25
Puree of grilled smoked aubergine
with sesame seed oil and lemon juice

Foul Moudammas V £4.25
Fava beans simmered in tomatoes, garlic and olive oil

Spicy Potatoes V £4.50
Potatoes diced and cooked with onion,
red and green peppers, coriander, garlic and spices

Kibbeh Maklieh (3Pcs) £3.50
Crushed wheat paste stuffed with minced lamb,
onions and pine nuts (deep fried)

Falafel (3Pcs) V £2.50
Mixture of ground chickpeas, broad beans tossed
in spices (deep fried)

Rice V £2.25

Grilled Halloumi Cheese D £4.25

Mouhammarah V £4.85
Walnuts, spring onions, breads crumble, red peppers paste

Fateh (Teseaieh) V £6.00

Julia Domna Mezze Platter £10.50
Hoummos, Moutbal, kibbeh, falafel, fattoush
and spicy potatoes


Tabbouleh V £4.75
Finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice
and olive oil, mixed with cracked wheat

Fattoush V £4.75
Chopped mixed salad, lettuce, tomatoes, mint, sumac
and fried Lebanese bread

Mixed Salad V £4.50
Chopped fresh tomatoes with mixed salad, dried mint
and olive oil

Quinoa Salad V £6.00
Quinoa, mixed green, tomatoes, spring onions, cranberry
walnut and dressing

Chicken Quinoa Salad £8.50
Quinoa, mixed green, tomatoes, spring onions, cranberry
walnut, chicken and dressing

Freshly baked traditional thin bread topped with choice of

Zaatar Mix Of Thyme S G V £3.75
sesame seeds, and sumac

Zaatar with Veg S G V £4.00
Thyme, sesame seeds, and sumac topped with vegetables

Vegetarian V £4.00
Grilled minced mushrooms, tomatoes, onions,
parsley, aubergine and green pepper

Vegetarian with Jebneh D G £5.25
Vegetarian and cheese

Jebneh Akkawi D £4.00
Akkawi cheese

Jebneh wth Zaatar D £4.75
Cheese and zaatar

Halloumi Meshwi D £4.50

Jebneh Cocktail D £5.50
Mix cheese

Cheddar Cheese D £4.25

Cheese with Mince lamb D £5.75

Mohamarah Cheese (spicy) D £5.25

Cheese with Ham D £5.75

Labneh D £4.00
Creamy cow yogurt spread, fresh mint and olive oil

Labneh with Zaatar D £4.50
Creamy cow yogurt spread, olive oil, and zaatar

Labneh with Olives D £4.50
Creamy goat yogurt spread and olive oil

Shish Tawook £5.50
Grilled marinated chicken

Chicken Shawarma £5.50
Pan fried marinated chicken breast thin slices
with mix fresh peppers

Lamb Shawarma £5.50
Pan fried marinated thin slices of lamb
with mix fresh peppers

Miced Lamb Meat £5.00

Freshly baked traditional thin bread topped with choice of

Sojuk £4.75

Sojuk With Cheese D £5.25

Falafel V £4.75

Cheese Bagaja D £4.00
Thin layer of pastry topped with
Halloumi & cheddar cheese, spring onion, sesame seeds

Meat Bagaja £4.50
Thin layer of pastry topped with
minced meat, onion, sesame seeds, herbs, pine nuts

Chicken or Lamb Shawarma served with salad £9.50

Shish Tawook served with salad £9.50

Kids Meal + Drink £5.00

Come in and try our delicious home-made cakes

Freshly baked traditional thin bread topped with choice of

Chocolate , Banana With Nuts £4.50

Butter and Jam £4.00
Butter and Sugar £3.50

Butter Halawa and Banana £4.50

Tahena With Syrup £4.00

Sweet Bagaja D £4.00
Thin layer of pastry topped with
sweet cheese, honey & cream


Ayran £2.75

Lemonade with Mint £2.75

Jalab £3.00

Apricot Juice £3.00

Fresh Smoothie £3.50

Tea £2.50

Green Tea £2.50

Mint Tea £2.50

Arabic Coffee £2.50

Cafe Latte £2.75

Espresso £2.25

Cappuccino £2.75

Filter Coffee £2.25

Hot Chocolate £3.25